Thirst is a universal need that needs to be quenched. This is unequivocal. The human body is approximately made up of 70% water circulating inside of us which the body then uses to keep us bouncing and alive each day. 

At Botanic Beverage Company, we love water as one of the most powerful forces of nature. More importantly, we love what it does for us when we consume it. We also know that there are thousands of botanicals that exist in nature today that humans have learnt about and used for thousands of years to make us feel better, recover faster and even look better. The earth is an eco system which is in constant balance and our bodies are similarly seeking to be in equilibrium. 

Our quest therefore is to be able to take water to the maximum of its potential in its natural state, to then pair it with the best botanicals that mother nature can provide, and to create not only an amazing beverage that quenches your thirst faster, but also help you feel better, heal faster and look better. 

Through an extensive ionization process, we have raised the alkalinity of our water to a PH level to 8.8. This allows your body to better absorb all the goodness which we have created for you. We have also scoured the world to seek out the best quality botanicals that will be able to create the most effective botanicals that will also taste great! 

At Botanic, we are further committed to providing you with the best tasting beverage naturally, that is why we will never use any chemicals or additives. There will also never be any sugars added artificially and any sugar content that is present in a Botanic beverage would be naturally occurring. 

We hope you enjoy our beverages and as much as how we have enjoyed bottling these great tasting beverages that will help you make that day get along easier.